Whew, it has been awhile.

I’m sure my sister has enjoyed every moment of my absence.  She doesn’t seem to like me all that much.  But she did lay down and take a nap with me this afternoon so maybe we are cool.

Anyways- I’m back from my “spa vacation”.

The trainers said I did very well.  Now it is just a matter of listening and obeying while at home.  It’s just so hard sometimes.  But we’re working on it.

This was my mamma’s drive to pick me up.

It really is a pretty drive out there.

And then she pulled in to the plantation- I swear I could hear her tires on the dirt I was so excited!

She forgot to take any pictures of me while we were playing and talking to the trainers but here I am back at home!

It’s hard to get a good inside picture of me because I’m pretty much all black.  But I still think I’m pretty handsome.

Here’s one with Ginger- she won’t admit it but I think she did miss me.

I know I missed her!

So yea- I’m going to go and take a nap, it’s been an exciting day, but I shall return!