Whew, it has been awhile.

I’m sure my sister has enjoyed every moment of my absence.  She doesn’t seem to like me all that much.  But she did lay down and take a nap with me this afternoon so maybe we are cool.

Anyways- I’m back from my “spa vacation”.

The trainers said I did very well.  Now it is just a matter of listening and obeying while at home.  It’s just so hard sometimes.  But we’re working on it.

This was my mamma’s drive to pick me up.

It really is a pretty drive out there.

And then she pulled in to the plantation- I swear I could hear her tires on the dirt I was so excited!

She forgot to take any pictures of me while we were playing and talking to the trainers but here I am back at home!

It’s hard to get a good inside picture of me because I’m pretty much all black.  But I still think I’m pretty handsome.

Here’s one with Ginger- she won’t admit it but I think she did miss me.

I know I missed her!

So yea- I’m going to go and take a nap, it’s been an exciting day, but I shall return!


I overheard the lady keeper on the phone and from what I can gather, it seems as if the plague of my life is returning tomorrow.


I was just getting used to having the bed all to myself.

Well except when this dude showed up and took my bed.  Acted like it was all his and shiit.  Bags everywhere!  Clothes!  And then he slept in my bed.

I got him back though.  One morning he was sleeping and I jumped right up there and licked him in the face.


It was awesome.

I guess it isn’t all bad that he’s returning.  I’ll have someone to play with again.  Of course I won’t be able to eat my dinner in a leisurely manner anymore but I suppose sacrifices must be made.

le sigh

because I need to get away from this woman.


What is her problem?

She can not leave me alone!

See for yourselves.

007, originally uploaded by ironbunny1016.

Will you please donate to my cause?

for putting up with this shit.

The lady keeper is either doing crap like draping blankets over me or she is constantly shoving that damn camera in my face.

Does she not realize that I’m trying to sleep?  Does she?

Sadly even my brother is not immune- it doesn’t matter that he is the most unphotogenic dog ever (seriously he just looks like a big black blob), she just keeps trying.

It’s a sickness.

She should just thank her lucky stars that I depend on her for regular feedings (the man keeper sort of forgets sometimes) otherwise I’d take that bitch down.

Oh happy day!!!!

My dreams have come true!!!!!!!!!

What was that?

He’s coming back?

Well shit.

In a month?


Bronco here.

Well it seems as if we’ve just met but I need to take leave of you.

I’ve just been informed that I’m heading back to the doggie spa.  It’s a nice place- lots of other dogs to play with.  Lots of people to charm.  I get to go swimming at least once a day in a big lake.  Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

But have no fear- I’ll only be gone a month.  I guess my obedience hasn’t been all it’s cracked up to be so I’m getting the chance to show my stuff a second time.

You jump a fence one  time (okay maybe more than once) and next thing you know they’re sending you away.

And they say they love me.

We’ll see.

Until then- pizza out.

It has been brought to our collective attention that the internet was in need of our special view on the world.  And of course we can not let the internet down… so here we are.

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Ginger.  My keepers call me many variations of this such as G-Dog, Gingerino, Stoplickingmyfeet, and just plain G.  What they don’t know is I hate those names.  I mean seriously- if you are going to name me Ginger why wouldn’t you call me Ginger?  What is with these insipid nicknames?  And my brother gets no better treatment.

Ah yes, my brother.  His name is Bronco.  Of course they can’t call him Bronco.  Oh no, they call him B-Co,  Bronco the Destroyer, Getyourassbackhere, Getoffthecounter, ReleaseIsaidrelease and Wherehaveyoubeen.

I will be the main “voice” on here if you will mainly because let’s be honest- Bronco is a bit on an idiot.  He can fetch, and sit, and bullshit like that but I’m the real brains of the operations around here.

So yes, that is our brief introduction.  I’m sure we learn lots about each other in the years to come.